Work lamps
FT-362 LED/ FT-363 LED and FT-364 LED/ FT-365 LED

Check NEW series of round work lamps in our offer!
Choose the latest models and use the full power while working in all conditions!
FT-362 LED/ FT-364 LED – A wide beam of light enables intense illumination of the close working area
FT-363 LED/ FT-365 LED – A narrow beam of light allows for accurate illumination of distant areas.

Rear lamps
FT-372 LED

The 7-function FT-372 LED rear lamp is now on sale!
Choose not only  modern technology but also top lighting quality!

Warning lamps
FT-205 LED and FT-205 LED ECO

Autumn is near! Get ready with NEW arrivals!
Discover our flash warning lamps:
FT-205 LED – with 4 lighting programs – single, double, triple and random
FT-205 LED ECO 1 lighting program – double flash

LED lamps
FT-330 LED, FT-331 LED, FT-332 LED

SMALL product, BIG effect!
We present a NEW series of functional lamps with small dimensions!
FT-330 LED – The SMALLEST 3-functional rear lamp in our offer!
FT-331 LED – 2-functional front lamp
FT-332 LED – 1-function fog lamp

Rear lamp
FT-370 LED

The most awaited on the automotive market, fully LED, 7-functional rear lamp – FT-370 LED with a reflective triangle.
The FT-370 LED series of lamps is available not only in several versions, but also with the CANBUS system!
Choose the right model for you and HIT THE WAY!

Warning lamp


Choose not only strong but also ultimate light output! Designed in accordance with the latest trends and made of the highest quality materials.
A series of rotating flashes will make you visible on every road!

See for yourself that flash power matters!

Manufacturer of lighting and cable harnesses
for the automotive industry

We specialize in the production of lamps and electric harnesses.
Our offer includes lighting for: trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, special vehicles, vans and agricultural machinery.
We will help you find lighting for your vehicle!

from 1995
Valued manufacturer of automotive lamps
Our products are distributed to dozens of countries around the world.

Fristom is a Polish family company with many years of experience and long-lasting traditions. Since 1995, the company has been manufacturing lighting, cable harnesses and accessories for the automotive industry.
Our portfolio includes a wide range of various solutions tailored to specific customer requirements. We offer high-quality modern LED and bulb lamps: rear lamps, work lamps, warning lights, clearance lamps, license plate lights lamps, fog lamps, interior lighting, reversing lamps, all with appropriate approval certificates.

Our brand lighting is exported to dozens of countries around the world and distributed through our Trade Partners. Our products and services are provided to entities operating in the automotive, agricultural and transport industries.
FRISTOM’s is to introduce high-quality innovative lamps in the global automotive market, ensuring proper visibility and improving all road users’ safety.
Our cooperation with Commercial Partners is based on trust and long-term relationships. We make every effort to ensure that all orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible. The company cares about its positive image and focuses on professionalism at every workplace.

Service according to the highest standards and excellent knowledge of global trends and customer needs made FRISTOM a valued manufacturer of lighting and cable harnesses on the international automotive market. The commercial offer is systematically enhanced with new innovative lamps and accessories. The quality of the provided services is confirmed by international ISO 9001:2015 certificates and numerous positive customer feedback.

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Why is it worth taking advantage of our offer?
  • We deliver quality you will not find anywhere else

    We combine experience and professionalism with great passion and the desire for continuous development. We provide high-quality products appreciated by all our customers.

  • We offer products ideally suited to your needs

    For many years, we have been cultivating good cooperation with our Business Partners. We develop comprehensive solutions in the field of lighting for the automotive industry, ideally suited to each customer’s individual needs.

  • We guarantee the highest level of service for you to remember for a long time.

    We provide professional service and individual approach to each customer. We strive for high cooperation standards. Every customer can always count on the help and support of our experienced team.

Get to know our reliable products.
warning lights

Warning lighting is dedicated to special purpose vehicles. Our offer includes traditional “beacons” mounted on: a magnetic stand, a spindle or three mounting screws and strobe beacons with a synchronization function.

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work lamps

Work lights improve visibility in strenuous working conditions at dusk and at night. They increase the efficiency and effectiveness of work wherever the lighting conditions are not sufficient. Choose our extremely durable work lamps that will illuminate any area! They are small in size and available with different levels of lighting power density.

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daytime running lamps

The energy-efficient line of modern daytime running lamps by FRISTOM is a great alternative to dipped beam headlamps in good visibility conditions, from dawn to dusk. They increase the vehicle’s visibility on the road and at the same time reduce the costs of its operation.

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Rear lamps are the main lighting elements of any tractor unit, trailer or semi-trailer. These lamps are intended primarily to inform other road users about a driver’s intention to reverse, brake, turn or overtake. The wide range of FRISTOM rear lamps, made of the highest quality components, ensures adequate visibility and safety.

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The auxiliary stop light warns other road users that the the vehicle in front of them is braking. Thus, it protects against serious consequences of a collision or road accident. We offer Stop lights that increase vehicle’s visibility on the road.

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Clearance lamps are designed to be installed outside the vehicle. Thanks to this type of lighting, we are able to determine the dimensions of the vehicle on the road. Our offer includes several dozens of clearance lamp models – available in both bulb and LED technology.

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The reversing lamp signals the intention to reverse the vehicle. It turns on automatically when you use reverse gear. Our reversing lamps ensure good visibility for all road users and have a real impact on the level of safety.

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Fog lamps complement the standard lighting system of a vehicle and are designed for specific weather conditions. They are used to improve vehicle’s visibility on the road in the event of insufficient air transparency.

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and reflective accessories

Reflective accessories constitute mandatory pieces of equipment of all road vehicles. They are used in trailers, carriages and semi-trailers as auxiliary lighting. Our reflective products come in various variants and colours – white, yellow, red.

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Our indicators emit high-quality flashing light, thanks to which the driver’s intention to change direction will be noticed even in the most difficult weather conditions.

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License plate

License plate lamps give clear illumination of the vehicle numbers at night and in bad weather conditions. Our universal LED license plate lamps are a perfect suit for trailers, semi-trailers and trucks.

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Our modern interior lighting is characterized by attractive design and low power consumption. They improve the comfort of travellers during stops and improve visibility in the vehicle cabin.

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Apart from lamps and cable harnesses, our offer also includes numerous additional accessories: led control boxes, pins, Bayonet plugs, sockets, adapters, clips, quick couplers, magnetic sockets, Deutsch Stecker plugs, wedges, workshop drain trays.
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Who do we create our solutions for?
For transport

We offer a wide range of lighting solutions for trucks, vans and utility vehicles. Our main customers are wholesalers, distribution networks and trailer manufacturers in Poland and abroad.

For agriculture

We offer a wide selection of the highest quality products for customers from the agricultural industry. Fristom lighting for machines and agricultural vehicles improves visibility when working on any terrain, especially after dusk or when visibility is poor.

New solutions

Our brand is constantly developing and introducing new products to its offer.
We systematically develop new lighting solutions to provide our customers with a wide selection of modern products.
Get to know the new solutions in our offer!

Check them all
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A trustworthy company

We are gradually upgrading our machinery. We have the most state-of-the-art machines available on the market, thanks to which we are able to maintain high quality of production. We employ qualified and experienced staff having appropriate authorizations. Each of FRISTOM departments is managed by specialists in the particular field. We know that the combination of state-of-the-art machinery and qualified people is the key to success. Thanks to this awareness, we have become a valued lighting manufacturer that can compete with the best in the world.

For many years, we have systematically participated in trade fairs all over the world, e.g. in Australia, Serbia, Germany, France, Algeria and Dubai. We are also happy to participate in EU projects that have a positive impact on our company’s development.
Our offer is addressed to producers, wholesalers and stores located all over the world. We are committed to building long-term positive relationships, based on mutual trust, with our customers.
Do not hesitate to cooperate with us! If you want to become our Business Partner, please contact us!

We also invite people looking for new career prospects to apply for the positions which we are currently recruiting for. Working in a company with an established position is an opportunity to gain vast knowledge, new skills and interesting experiences.

  • We supply high quality lamps
  • We contribute to the improvement of road safety
  • We are committed to full customer satisfaction
  • We take care of timely order fulfillment
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FRISTOM Spółka z o.o. Sp. k. is a company with family traditions, dealing in the production of lighting and cable harnesses for the automotive industry. The beginnings of the company’s activity date back to the earlier generation and, since 1995, the company has been operating on the market under the present name of “FRISTOM Spółka z o.o. Sp. K.” We supply LED and bulb lamps for cars, machines and vehicles of various brands. We cooperate with producers and wholesalers.


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