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We present to you our fully comprehensive offer, which includes lighting dedicated to special-purpose vehicles. Yellow light warning lights are intended for garbage trucks, roadside assistance, slurry trucks, combine harvesters, agricultural tractors, road rollers. Blue beacons are mandatory equipment of emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, police cars, fire engines or prisoner transport vehicles.
The purpose of beacons is to ensure adequate visibility and improve the safety of all road users. Warning lighting by FRISTOM is resistant to shocks and vibrations, and is characterized by robust and durable design and waterproof properties.


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Our offer includes traditional warning lights and strobe warning lights, emitting a very distinctive light colour thanks to the use of modern LEDs.
The beacons we offer are characterized by a convenient mounting method.
They are available in the following versions:

  • mounted with 3 screws with a cable,
  • mounted with a magnetic stand
  • mounted with a spindle
  • mounted with a central screw.

Stroboscopic beacons have a double lens system, thanks to which the light emitted by the LEDs is focused and directed in one direction. The extremely strong light signal can be noticed even in the most difficult conditions, both during the day and at night.

All the models of beacons we offer come in several versions of warning signals, which can be easily adjusted by the driver. Such an extensive portfolio will certainly allow you to choose lighting suited for your vehicle.

Emergency vehicle lamps

If you want to find high-quality beacons that support visibility and improve safety, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer.
We have as many as seven models of LED beacons in our catalogue:

  • FT-100 LED – beacons
  • FT-101 LED – Warning beacons with rotation flash
  • FT-150 LED – cylinder-shaped, with a holder that allows them to be placed, for example, on the roof of the vehicle
  • FT-150 DF N LED – double flash beacons
  • FT-200 LED – with six variants of light signals
  • FT-200 N LED – emitting blue light
  • FT-210 LED – in which the light signals are designed to be friendly to the observer
  • FT-210 N LED – emitting blue light signals

Our products are characterized by very high standards – both in terms of aesthetics, as well as solid workmanship and finish.
They have appropriate approval certificates that confirm that they meet all technical requirements.


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FRISTOM Spółka z o.o. Sp. k. is a company with family traditions, dealing in the production of lighting and cable harnesses for the automotive industry. The beginnings of the company’s activity date back to the earlier generation and, since 1995, the company has been operating on the market under the present name of “FRISTOM Spółka z o.o. Sp. K.” We supply LED and bulb lamps for cars, machines and vehicles of various brands. We cooperate with producers and wholesalers.


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